Sunday, March 4, 2012

Going the distance

Starting from Today, I will be trying to get rid of the last 2 kgs.
I don't know, if it will take me 4 weeks, 8 weeks or more, but they are definitely going!
I weighed myself this morning, and I'm still on 60,4 kg. So in reality I should loose 2,4 kgs, but I set a goal at the calorie counter, for 2 kgs in 4 weeks.
That gives me around 1200 calories a day, not much, but yet it is possible!
I will give it my best shot, but it is the toughest time right now! The last 2 kgs are always a bitch!
Especially since I go around thinking, that I look fine now, why would I have to struggle for just 2 more kilos? I know it's a load of bad excuses, and those bad excuses, make me eat more cake.
I know I shouldn't, even today I have a cooking date with my friend Freia, we're gonna be making cakes! I can't wait to start making all those lovely cakes, but geez, how am I gonna stop myself from eating them all aswell?? I really need to be careful, but then again, I have managed to stay on 60,4 kg for a week, even though I have been eating ice cream, bakery bread and other stuff that would usually make me gain! So I am beginning to think, that the way I live now, could be the way I should live, AFTER I loose the last 2 kgs! Because it seems to keep me on the same weight, so I must be doing something right, to keep the weight steady. That's good, cuz I wouldn't say that I am suffering with this lifestyle!

Oh well, here we go! Last 2 kilos off...
Fight starts TODAY!

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