Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is it!

I know this blog comes rather late, I haven't made any blogs lately....
But I have to put this into words! My thoughts, I have carried them with me for far too long now, without screaming them out loud to this world!

Michael Jackson
why are you gone?
who took your life away?
who stole you from our world?

The eternal light that shines from your soul will never be exstinguished
Though you are gone from the surface of this earth, your music will never perish
You where a shining ray of hope and love.

MJ I will never forget the one time you came to Denmark, when I saw you on stage!
It was the most magnificient experience in my life.
I have never experienced anything as grand and wonderful as this. You are the one!
The only one who could make this possible!
I will never forget the feeling of awe I had once you stepped onto that stage!
The beauty of your movements, your enthusiasm, your energy on stage! I cherish the memory in my heart! Forever

This is it!
You would have made the best performance ever on stage! the last curtain call, it would have been your grand final and your biggest comeback!
You swept the world of its feet.
Every single concert was simply sold out after a couple of hours!
People all over the world, were prepared to travel across the globe to see your last show live.
They were ready to spend all they had, just to see you again!

Yet your light, was stolen.
Someone took you away from us, the world.
We are in sorrow, and nothing will ever be the same!
I cry, every day.
I love you with all my heart Michael.

I never believed in those foul rumours! I never believed that you would do anything bad against a child! You loved children, you loved to be a child yourself, you loved adventures, fairytales..
Why did people condemn you for wanting to be a child?
I don't believe in anything those evil people said about you!
I love you so much!

I still cannot grasp that you are forever gone from my world.
I wish I could turn back time, I wish I could stop the tragedy!
I wish I could stop you from dying!

This world will never be the same without your love.
You are the light of this world. You are the one!

Why did they take you away from us?
The world has never seen a greater talent than yours.

There will never be another you!


My tears will never stop falling!
My sorrow will never fate!
The light of hope, has forever left this world.

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