Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nihon e ikimasu!!

On september 5th 2010 I will travel to Japan!
Length of the stay: 12 months!
The purpose of my stay: STUDYING!

How can I afford this?
- I got a scholarship that pays for EVERYTHING! (Except the plane ticket...)

Wow, is that going to be amazing or WHAT? I'd be damned if I'm not going to improve drastically in japanese spoken language while I'm there! Oh YES!

I'm gonna be keeping you all posted on this blog, of my daily life, and especially if I find some interesting "engrish" to post! ^^;

I'm really excited about this trip! It's a dream come true!

this blog is more for fun, the other blog I have (check sidebar for link) I'll be blogging more thoroughly about what happens there.
So be sure to check it out! ^^

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